Why Recipes?

To learn more about Twisted Tastes, it starts with the fact that I love to cook. I thought about one day opening a family-run restaurant when my kids are all older and making them employees, but so much work and time goes into that (and money!). Instead, I get my fix with this site: I get to cook, take photos, market, and design. Win-Win …and when my kids are older, I won’t have to bust my their chops when they don’t show up for work at the restaurant in the morning.

How did Twisted Tastes get its name?

Several years ago, my husband and his family began calling me “Twisted Martha” …as in Martha Stewart. I have a few crafty hobbies: cooking and baking, cake decorating, sewing, knitting, etc. I’m also a freelance photographer and work full-time as a “digital media specialist” for a local small business. I have an Etsy store too. In addition to all that info, know that I have a thing for the macabre. While I never cared for the “Martha” part, the “Twisted” part stuck.

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