About us

Why food writing?

I love to cook. I thought about one day opening a family-run restaurant when my kids are all older and making them employees, but so much work and time goes into that (and money!). Instead, I get my fix with this site: I get to cook, take photos, market, and design. Win-Win ...and when my kids are older, I won't have to bust my their chops when they don't show up for work at the restaurant in the morning.

Holly and Daniel

How did Twisted Tastes get its name?

A few years ago, my husband and his family began calling me “Twisted Martha,” ...as in Martha Stewart. I have a few crafty hobbies: cooking and baking, cake decorating, sewing, knitting, etc. I’m also a freelance photographer and work full-time as a "digital media specialist" for a local small business. I have an Etsy store too. In addition to all that info, know that I have a thing for the macabre. While I never cared for the “Martha” part, the “Twisted” part stuck. Welcome to Twisted Tastes.